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and read about some of our team’s fitness journeys below


"In comparison to my previous PT experience, I genuinely think what you provide is perfect. Best decision I’ve made this year was to start PT sessions with Bonnie."

- C A T -


"My experience has been incredible. I’ve never really been into fitness much so to now be in a position where I’m enthusiastic about it and smashing my goals is mad. The knowledge I’ve gained from Bonnie has been massive, learning more about appropriate nutrition methods, form, looking after myself generally etc. Bonnie has a great wealth of knowledge and information and delivers this in such a helpful way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. My confidence in the gym has skyrocketed, I was never sure I’d be comfortable going into the weights section and focussing on my workout and nothing else. I’ve achieved more than I thought I was capable of with Bonnie and have never felt as confident and proud in my own body than when I’m hitting my goals."

- C A I T L I N -

1:1 client

"Bonnie is attentive and always taking how I feel into consideration, I wouldn't change a thing. She keeps me motivated and pushes me to do things I could never do without her."

- E I L I D H -

"I have done things I never thought possible. I have overcome so many mental blocks with eating and exercise that I had struggled to overcome on my own for years. You have done more for me than you will ever know."

- F R A N C E S C A -

"Bonnie is a great PT, super friendly and encouraging and makes everything seem a lot less daunting than it could! I am loving the sessions."

- R A C H A E L -

"Throughout my time with Bonnie I have changed as a person, from being sad and negative about my body and life to becoming so confident in what I am doing. It has helped me so much. I can now see a massive change with my body as I am working towards getting leaner and stronger, I have definitely developed amazing strength in all areas of my body. Bonnie is an amazing PT pushing me as she knows what I’m capable of and I am so grateful to have her as part of my fitness journey as well as having her to help me through a negative time in my life, couldn’t be anymore positive right now and that’s all down to having a great friend and PT like Bonnie."

- K I M B E R L E Y -

"From the moment we had our initial consultation, right the way through to the current situation of being in lockdown, Bonnie has been supportive along the way. She has listened to my goals and created individualised workouts for me, which has meant that I have made progress even during the lockdown!
Her wealth of knowledge and understanding of exercise and the impact it has on an individual's body is second to none and this was demonstrated within our first session together. Bonnie is always on hand with guidance, support and encouragement. During our sessions, I feel that I am pushed and challenged throughout to perform my best.
I have definitely seen progress, not only with my body, but my confidence within the gym. Because of Bonnie's support, this has transformed my perception of the gym and means I can confidently use the weights area when I don't have my PT sessions with her."

- R A C H E L -

"Since I've been training with Bonnie my confidence has shot up in the gym environment. Bonnie always listens to my goals and encourages me to strive towards them on my own, as well as providing me the tools to reach these in our sessions together. Bonnie's knowledge really is a credit to her and her PT business. Overall, throughout our sessions and beyond, Bonnie has been a sensational support to have throughout the past year and I couldn't have achieved half of what I have with my fitness without her work ethic, support and belief in me."

- A L I S O N -

Weight Loss Transformation

"I’ve been trying to lose weight and get fit for years and in the time working with Bonnie I feel like I’ve made massive progress. As someone completely new to weight training I’ve felt totally encouraged by Bonnie who takes so much care to plan workouts that really push me and bring results but also make me feel great about my progress. She is always available to chat and provide advice/additional guidance for individual workouts and is so friendly and lovely. Would absolutely recommend Peak to Peak Fitness. I feel stronger and more confident than ever!"

- K A T I E -


"I couldn’t have been made to feel more comfortable from day 1! She made it her business to quickly learn enough about me so she could personalise sessions to what I was comfortable with and ease me in until I was happier in the gym environment. Her ability to establish a personal connection is amazing. You need to want to make changes in your life to do it, but having someone like Bonnie encouraging you and helping you through it makes such a huge difference and I honestly don’t believe I would have made half the progress I have without her!"

- C A L U M -

"I started with Peak to Peak in a brief break in lockdown 2020. In my first few sessions in the gym I felt vulnerable in exposing my weaknesses. But Bonnie alleviated any concerns and was supportive from the very start. Peak to Peak and Bonnie have played a very important part in my life (both in and out the gym) for over a year now. I can lift weights and do things I'd never have imagined being able to but I've also opened up to a world I never saw myself being involved in. The training and Bonnie's knowledge is second to none but Bonnie's real value is her care and investment in each and every one of her clients."


"I feel encouraged and supported to push myself and I'm so pleased with the changes I'm seeing in both my body and my mindset. I feel like everything we do in the gym is approached from a really good place - it's not about chasing some idealised body image, it's more about building strength, confidence and resilience. I was really lacking confidence in so many areas (the gym, my body, diet etc.) when I started and I just feel about a million times better about myself now... sometimes I even look forward to getting to the gym, which is something I literally never thought I would say about myself in my life, ever!"

- 1:1 C L I E N T -

"The best decision I've made this year! Bonnie is so friendly, authentic, full of advice and genuinely makes the sessions really fun. It has had such an affect in all areas of my life, not just confidence in the gym. I feel more productive and calmer, having a few hours each week to see the progress and solely concentrate on one activity."

- R E B E K A H -

"I have never been successful in my fitness and weight loss like I am just now so feel like I have finally found the right program and method for me. I have not been with Peak to Peak for too long but am seeing huge changes in my whole approach to fitness and health. I have struggled in the past with sticking to a routine but am not finding it challenging this time as I think I was able to take my time and really understand why I am making the changes instead of feeling pressured. If I have been unsure on an exercise or want to change something it is always done very promptly. I have never felt alone in my training (despite doing it by myself)."

- K A T I E -

"I'm fitter, stronger and more confident now at 35 than when I was in my 20s, and that's entirely down to Bonnie's insight, assistance and integrity - and being part of the Peak to Peak community is also a ton of fun! By far the greatest investment I've ever made in myself."

- S T E V E N -

"My time with Peak to Peak Fitness has been an incredible journey. I've been training with Bonnie for over 2 years now and she's guided me on how to best fit my training into my different lifestyles as my circumstances changed and then so did my fitness goals. She is tremendously supportive and knowledgeable. The world has been crazy but she's always been consistent. I greatly enjoy her content from fun and informative reels/Q&As on insta to uplifting peak of the week emails. She's also incredibly open and honest which makes for a great PT/client relationships where I can be fully comfortable sharing my goals and anything going on in my life which may affect my training. Programming is always enjoyable and has really helped me progress with my strength, skills and gym confidence. The Peak to Peak fitness team is also an amazing group, have absolutely loved being part of it."

- 1:1 CLIENT -

"Bonnie is always, always there outside of work outs which i think is pretty special. I am loving my time with peak to peak fitness. I was apprehensive about training again but Bonnie has put me 100% at ease. She shows a genuine interest on and off the screen which I really appreciate."

- J U S T I N E -

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