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5 Foods To Eat MORE Of

I feel like the fitness/wellness industry is often telling us what NOT to do, what foods to cut OUT, so I want to put a bit more of a positive spin on it today and talk you through 5 food groups that I think we should all be eating more of.

When we focus on abundance and not restriction, on what we can add IN rather than take OUT, things can feel a lot easier and more enjoyable. So, have a read through my list and think about increasing all the following foods in your diet. 💡


Lol here she goes. You're probably not eating enough protein. As a meat eater, I would highly recommend that you get your protein from varied sources - unless of course you have any dietary requirements or are vegan/veggie. My go-to sources are: beef, chicken, lamb (all organic/grass fed where possible), organ meats, eggs, organic dairy, beans, lentils and legumes.


Keep your little gut bacteria happy! Look for ways to include fermented foods in your diet such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir & kombucha. Ideally aim to eat a small amount every day.


Our bods probably aren’t best designed to eat exotic fruit in the middle of winter. Try to eat with the seasons - lots of berries in the summer, lots of root veggies in the winter. There’s tons of advice online about how to eat seasonally if you need help with this. Subscribing to a local fruit/veg box delivery can be good too! Make sure you wash your veggies and fruit and aim for at least 8-12 different types of fruit/veg per day. (A little bit of everything is better than a whole lot of one thing!)


I'd be fairly confident in saying that the majority of people's diets are lacking good fat: avocado, olive oil, oily fish, nuts, seeds. Look for fats that are high in omega 3’s and keep omega 6’s to a minimum. Use coconut oil or real butter for cooking, olive oil for salads, and reduce your olive oil/rapeseed oil consumption as much as possible.


My friends. Carbs are not a threat to you. If you train or exercise at all, you need carbohydrates. Ideally I’d recommend you get your carbs from fruit, starchy vegetables & wholemeal grains and try to always eat some carbs both before and after your training.

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